Landlord & Property Owners Insurance

A robust insurance programme arranged for property entrepreneurs by a specialist insurance broker
can protect the assets and balance sheet of the investment regardless of size.

If you own a single property or have a numerous property portfolio, you are running a business. Like any other business the assets and balance sheets of a company need to be protected.

What happens if you own a property and damage occurs, would you have the time and the capital to repair the damage, could you finance the repairs and sustain the loss of rent if the property is vacant and under repair?

How can you protect your assets?

  • Property Insurance – Reinstates the bricks and mortar following damage.
  • Landlord Contents –Protects contents, for example white goods, carpets, furniture
  • Loss of Rent – Pays the rent whilst the property is been reinstated.
  • Property Owners Liability – Protect legal liability as property owner, tile falling from the roof and causing injury.

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Insurance policy is like a parachute, you only know how good
it is when you need to use it!!!