Case Studies & Testimonials

An insured property suffered a fire as a result of the actions of the tenant, within 24 hours we had a loss adjuster on site along with myself, the claim was agreed during this meeting. Full and final settlement was agreed as the contractors finished the repairs, loss of rent was settled 2 weeks after. Total claim was just over £20,000.00.

A client recently contacted me late one Thursday afternoon, he was due to exchange contracts on a new property the next day and the bank required a copy of his insurance. I managed to obtain competitive terms, and over night he received confirmation of the quote and by 9.00 am he had received the required documentation and the exchange of contracts took place.

“David offers a fantastically personal, flexible and insightful approach to what is usually an undesirable job. I had been wanting to change providers for years but could never face the hassle a change would involve, however with David, all of the hard work and effort was taken away whilst ensuring I had the correct cover for my individual needs. I would not hesitate to recommend him and his insurance services to anyone”

“I’d left my contents insurance renewal until the last minute, having previously been with the same brokers for 20 years. I asked Dave for a quote and not only did he give me some useful advice but he also beat the existing quote by almost 25%, saving me around £100. If nothing else, at least give Dave a call as he’s an insurance professional with a vast amount of experience.”

A number of years ago, I was introduced to a new client, we met at an empty office building. After discussing the plans for the building and the business, we arranged a simple office policy covering a few thousand pounds of office contents and liability cover, paying approx. £500.00. Over the next 9 months we met on a regular basis as the business grew, each time we met we updated the policy to take into account the next stage of the development. At the end of the 12 months the policy had been expanded to cover computers, stock, materials, plant and the client was paying over £20,000. But by doing it in staged and managed way, the client only paid for what he needed and when.

The client remained with me for 4 years before the policy was absorbed into a global insurance programme.

A surgeon recently contacted me for help, his professional Medical Malpractice insurance was due to expire. Without cover he would be unable to work. He had approached another broker who had been unable to assist. Within a week, we had managed to secure terms which allowed him to continue to work.

“I never thought I would say the words insurance and pleasure in the same sentence, but it really was a pleasure to sort out my insurance with David Burgess.”